Monday, August 3, 2009

Scool Supplies That Are Smart Deals

Summer tends to get pretty expensive around here. Day camp when I'm working, extra activities when I'm not working, and now school shopping - Have you seen the list of school supplies the schools are giving out lately? I've started looking early and came accross some great deals, here is my daughters list and the best deals I found:

2 - dozen #2 pencils 49 cents Walmart, in center aisle - not advertised

1 - composition book 98 cents office depot

2 - boxes of 16 crayons 10 cents Walmart ( in the center aisle, not advertised)

1 - Friskar brand scissors .99 Walmart - in center aisle, not advertised

4 - pink pearl erasers 29Cents x 2 Walgreens

1 - large box of Kleenex Walgreens 99cents with coupon thru August 8th

1 - zippered pencil pouch 5 cents thru 8/8 office depot

1 - book bag, not rolling $9.00 Walmart thru 8/8, before you buy a backpack - read this about the 20,000 injuries from backpacks each year

So, you see - I can get all the school supplies she needs for less than $15.00 (including a backpack) if I take the time to do a little research before hand. I'll keep my eyes open and tell you what else I find out there.

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  1. These are great deals. Thanks for sharing them.
    If you need jewelry for gifts for teenagers, we have gold earrings for around $20 and silver earrings for $15.00 & under ~Janet of